Going Deeper: A Journey To The Centre Of The Body

On Monday July 9th, Euphemia of I Wish You Knew will be presenting a wholly unique workshop, that is certain to cause trepidation in even the most adventurous of us. Going Deeper - The 'A' Spot, Cervix, and Fisting'.

To quell the apprehension, I thought I would ask the lovely Euphemia about what can be expected at such an evening.

As a Pleasure Educator, I’m a big supporter of people as they learn and explore in safe and pleasurable ways.

So often I have clients ask me why and how to have deeper play, as it’s intriguing but intimidating, which is totally fair! Perhaps you’ve never considered the idea of fisting or deep-throating, but now that I’ve mentioned the idea of having something deeper or bigger, it's intriguing to you too. Well, this workshop is an excellent place to begin your exploration!


I’m also all about removing the stigma that because it’s bigger or deeper, that it is more painful or violent. These practices can be experienced throughout a broad spectrum from gentle and intimate to intense edge-play, or all at the same time.

SIDE NOTE: I’m on the mission to rename ‘fisting’ to ‘ducking’ because fisting makes it sounds like it can only be violent and painful, whereas ‘ducking’ reminds people of the good practice to put your fingers and hands in the duck position, that it can be a tender emotional experience, and it also sounds disarmingly dorky and cute! Note, this doesn’t actually include a real duck, and never will.

Have you asked yourself if you want to experience fisting or deep-throating? It doesn’t have to mean saying yes to everything, but perhaps there’s one technique between fisting or deep-throating you want to explore, even if it's not the “whole hog” - whatever that means. I’ll give suggestions of how you can ask for, or suggest, your wants and boundaries around this.


I’ll teach you how to 'roll up your sleeves' and the best techniques to feel or give an experience which is as pleasurable as possible for everyone involved, how to prepare yours and other people’s bodies for the experiences, and how to be absolutely, definitely safe and considerate in each stage. Like with any exploration, you need to be well equipped and prepared!

Cum expand your horizons, minds, and orifices to learn more at the workshop here

Thank you Euphemia for your thoughtful insights into a little talked about sexual practice. We think this workshop will be one of the most fascinating we've ever hosted.