Euphemia hosts training with professionals in healthcare, education, and community development.

In the training they teach skills and knowledge to equip people with confidence around sexuality, communication, pleasure, and gender.

The format of the training sessions are a mixture of presentation with local resources, facilitated discussion with Q and As and role play about particular cases.

The training content and materials are consent-focused, harm reduction and trauma informed, and LGBTQIAP inclusive.

  • Consent - the fundamental concepts and how to incorporate into working relationships with clients, patients, or students.

  • Patient focused communication - tools and sex positive language to build rapport, as well as questions to gauge the potential specific needs of the sexual and lifestyle diverse, and LGBTQIAP patients.

  • Taking sexual histories - questions in a format and approach which is sensitive to potential acute or delayed trauma, and diversity in identity, sexual practices, and lifestyle. Also how to deal with disclosure about potentially unsafe practices.

  • Sexual Health and Dysfunction - resources about potential conditions, pain, and experiences, beyond the standard STIs and birth control information. Also understanding the body after mental and/or physical trauma, health concerns, and with ageing.