Euphemia Russell began I Wish You Knew, and currently runs all the events and consultations. They are very enthusiastic and overjoyed to do this work, and contribute and support people in their understanding and exploration. 

They (genderfluid pronoun!) are a trained and endorsed Sexuality and Pleasure Educator by SFSI, in California. But they only were able to do this, by the incredible support of their community with a crowdfunding campaign. Nothing can be done alone in this world. Well, except masturbating ;).

They are also are in the process of being a member of the Society of Australian Sexologists

Their facilitation style is practical, easygoing, and dorky. They facilitate workshops, events, and consultations for all bodies and people across the world, but mostly work in Australia and The United States. 


Euphemia doing pleasure education for VICE Media.Euphemia doing pleasure education for VICE Media